2016 December Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – July 2016

Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – July 2016

Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – July 2016

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Present: Couns. Taylor (Mayor), O’Garr (deputy chairman), Entwistle, Davies, Browne, Brookfield, Smith, Slater, Perkins and Roberts.

1.Welcome and introduction:   .

2.Apologies:  Coun. Hollings, East and Rothwell.

3.Declarations of Interest:   Couns. Smith, Taylor, O’Garr and Roberts on item 5.

4 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

These were agreed..

4. 1  Financial task force

Coun. Roberts said a planned meeting had been postponed because not all financial information needed was available. Coun. O’Garr said all information was now available and a date and venue to be arranged by Coun. Roberts.

4.2  Insp Khan and Sgt Sherrington

Coun. Browne placed on record his thanks to Insp Khan for arranging for speed cameras in Greenway Street. Coun. Davies said other sites in the town had also seen the cameras and said both Insp Khan and Sgt Sherrington had worked hard after the meeting to make the police presence more visible in Darwen.

4.3 Three Day market

Coun. Davies said as the town council is a consultee on planning applications, could the market proposal not be discussed. Coun. Taylor said a motion had been passed in April and could not be discussed for six months. He said a further application was due soon, which could be discussed.

4.4 Parks committee

Coun. Brookfield is also a representative on the parks committee.

4.5 Whitehall Park

A letter had been sent to BWD chief executive, re the investigation into the parks group. No response.

5. Place Branding for Darwen

Samantha Taylor from DTCPB came to discuss possible ideas for place branding in Darwen to raise the profile of the town. She gave examples of how Blackburn and Burnley had been successful with their place branding and urged Darwen to follow suit.Councillors were receptive to the ideas.

6. Mayors update.

Coun. Taylor had attended the Queen’s birthday celebrations at Derwent Hall and Darwen Town Hall, the book launch at Darwen library, flag raising to mark the beginning of Armed Forces week, Friends of Sunnyhurst Woods AGM, Darwen dance and wreath laying to mark the centenary of the Battle of Somme.

7. Deputy chairmans update

“Firstly, I would like to congratulate Coun. Rothwell on the tremendous success of Darwen Dance Live last weekend. The feedback from those in attendance has been brilliant, and the new people visiting Darwen have been left with a lasting impression of our town. So on behalf of everyone, I would publically thank Coun.. Rothwell for doing a great job once again this year.

I attended the Darwen Town Centre Partnership Board meeting and following on from that, I met up with Samantha Taylor to discuss how we could improve our towns branding, and that is why we heard from Sam, earlier to give you an insight of how we could re-energise Darwen in the local economy. There’s a lot of work to be done, and when the festival and events group meets in September, we should apply the narrative that Sam talked about.

We also talked about the town centre radio scheme, which was also discussed by Inspector Khan last month. There have been a few issues with some radios not working and some venues/shops not having a radio at all. But I am liaising with Rona Brown (market) and Leon Kelly (level one) to help resolve some of the remaining problems, so hopefully we should have a more robust radio scheme in the coming months.

We are currently having some problems with the town council website, as the hosting provider had changed their servers a few weeks ago, and since then the website has been offline. I have been in touch with them again today, and hopefully this will be resolved in the next day or so. I shall then continue to add further improvements and functionality to the website when we are back online.’’

Volunteers were also sought for erecting a marquee for the Grand Prix.

Coun. Davies said Coun. Rothwell will give a dance festival update at the next meeting. He also discussed the town centre radio scheme in more detail.

8. Finance

£145 – food festival payments.

Authorised payments were made to:

R. Hay – £554.91

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution

R. Hay – £79.20 – back pay to April.

£5,570 – Riverside Garden Centre for summer planting.

£964.09 – The Bee – Darwen Live.

£1,856.72 – The Bee – Dance festival.

£240.38 – The Bee – advert.

£6,835.80 – Showsec – Darwen Live security.

£30 – Slaters Inkshop – Darwen music band comp leaflets.

£156 – Slaters Inkshop- Grand Prix leaflets.

£1,440 – Scott Dawson Advertising for 1940’s Day jeep hire.

£300 – Elite leaflet Distribution for Grand Prix and food festival leaflet distribution.

£1,000 – Salute – first aid at Darwen Live.

£250 – Blackburn’s People’s Choir for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£45 – S Fay – chair delivery for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£218 – G. Sangster – refreshments and flowers for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£100 – A. Blackmore for provision of cakes and waiteressing at Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£100 – D. Dumsday for singing at Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£100 – V. Edge for provision of cakes and waiteressing at Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£108 – J. Ingham for cakes for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£200 – Ignite Parties for balloons and face painting for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£200 – P. Knight – entertainment for for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£30 – J. Barritt – PAYE.

£160 – R. Falcoln – punch and judy and falcon display  for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£27.42 – sweets and ice cream for Queen’s birthday celebrations.

£848 – Henry Christopher Printers – Dance festival.

£206 – Henry Christopher Printers – Food festival.

£290 – Olivia Higham – Dance festival.

£214.40 – CN Ellis – Dance festival.

£30 – Tatlow Signs – Food festival.

£136 – D. Parkinson – Dance festival.

£310.80 – Action Factory – Dance festival.

£110 – W Scott King – Dance festival.

£150 – St James Darwen – Dance festival.

£40 – Methodist Church – Dance festival.

£584 – Martin Dutton – Dance festival.

£400 – C. Wharmby – Dance festival.

It was agreed the clerk’s salary could go up 66 p per hour in line with National Salary Grades.

Coun. Roberts asked if the Queen’s Birthday celebrations were in budget and Coun. Taylor said it was under budget.

Coun. Davies said the floral display in the town was poor for the amount of money spent. The floral display contract with Riverside Garden Centre has now finished and the work put out to tender.

9 Correspondence


10 Updates

Coun. Smith said there would be a parks meeting after the main meeting.

Coun Smith said the industrial heritage trail is nearly complete, with just the mural, which is fragile, at Whitehall to finish. The post box crest has been added.

11 Any other business


12 Public forum

The three day market closure was raised and Coun. Taylor said this was a borough issue which had been discussed at a previous meeting.

It was asked for the council to work out how much precept is paid in the Whitehall ward and what percentage is spent on the ward. Coun. Taylor said the town council did not have the officers to do this.

Also asked for flags to be put up in the Whitehall ward. It was agreed to re look at the areas covered when the flag erection is put up for tender.

A  plea for a dog bin was raised for The Print Shop area. Coun. Taylor said the area was too far out for collections to empty the bin.

Coun. Smith gave the make up of the Darwen Town Centre Partnership Board after a query why the members were made up in majority from the Labour party.

A resident said not all members of the Friends of Sunnyhurst Woods had been notified re the AGM.

Councillors were asked if they would individually show support for a future Darwen Live. All agreed, with Couns. Roberts and Slater saying they would be keen to see the budget first.

The formula for the Public Forum is to be discussed at the next meeting.

13 Part two

One issue was discussed without the press and public present.

14 Date of next meeting.

September 6th, 7 p.m. in Darwen Town Hall. Agenda items to be with the clerk by August 29th.

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