2016 December Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – November 2016

Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – November 2016

Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – November 2016

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Present: Couns. Taylor (Mayor), Hollings, East, Brookfield, Entwistle,  Browne, Smith, Slater, Davies, Rothwell, Perkins and Roberts.

1.Welcome and introduction:   .

2.Apologies:  None.

3.Declarations of Interest:   Couns. Roberts, Taylor, Smith and Hollings declared an interest as members of the Darwen Town Centre Partnership Board. Coun. East declared an interest re Darwen Heritage Centre.

4 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

These were agreed..

4. 1  Darwen Town Centre Partnership Board

Coun. Browne said he was still unhappy over the amount of money spent on commissioning a business survey and he said the money should have come from the borough. Coun. Roberts said the survey and financial implications had been agreed under a part 2 item at the October meeting.

5. Mayors update.

Coun. Taylor is to light the town bonfire which is being held at the cricket club and monies will be collected for the Mayor’s charity. Coun. Brookfield and Hollings agreed to help collect the money along with Mr T. Maxfield.

6. Deputy chairmans update


7. Deputy chairman

Coun. Browne said that if the deputy chairman cannot make meetings due to work commitments, then he needs to stand down as deputy chairman and also look at his position as a town councillor.

Coun. Roberts said Coun. O Garr would have to make the decision himself and put it in writing or attend a meeting to clarify.

Coun. East said the website administration needs to be now taken on by another person or the website suspended. He said he had also struggled to sort out the floral tenders as he could not contact Coun O Garr. Coun. Roberts said he was in discussion with Samantha Taylor of the Darwen Town Centre Partnership Board to administer the website and social media.

8. Financial Task Force report

A budget setting report had been prepared by the financial task force and was agreed by councillors, with Coun. Browne voting against. He said he was not happy that a figure had not been agreed for marketing, advertising and administrative support of town council events. Coun. Roberts said this was because discussions are still going on. A good tidy up event is to be held on March 3rd and 5th in conjunction with BWD and the Lancashire Scooter Alliance is looking at organising a scooter rally. Coun. East asked what the miscellaneous items were and Coun. Hollings said projects such as the industrial heritage facelifts.

A letter outlining Darwen Cricket Club’s use of the grant given last year was circulated and the clerk to ask AFC Darwen for a similar report before the 2017 grant is given.

9. Police report on break ins

Following a recent spate of break ins, targeting charity shops, the police had been invited to attend the November meeting, but for logistical reasons, were unable to. However, a comprehensive and confidential report was circulated to councillors. Following concern from charity representatives, it was agreed to invite the police commissioner to the next meeting to look at funding and ideas to try to combat the problem, including an idea for stickers saying “no cash held on premises overnight’’, suggested by Coun. Roberts.

10. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

R. Hay – £598.36 – salary and expenses.

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution

Darwen Vale – £460 – dance festival room hire.

BWD – £1,170 – Darwen Youth Festival.

Football in Gambia – £100 donation.

Brightcorp LTd – £2,610 – 50 per cent of agreed budget for Darwen Town Centre business survey.

Darwen Heritage Centre – £275 for printing of heritage booklets.

BWD Brass Band – £300 – adjudicator for competition.

Kays Traffic Management – £690 for brass band competition.

11 Correspondence

A letter of thanks was received from Darwen Cricket Club re the town council’s sponsorship of fireworks for the annual bonfire. Coun. Davies asked for clarification as to why the bonfire was held at the cricket club at the bottom of the town, Coun. Taylor said this was to ensure a safe event which is stewarded and open to all.

A letter was received from the Rotary Club of Darwen askin g for funding for special paint for the Boer War memorial project. This was agreed, subject to costs being provided before the work is done.

An invitation to a Gilbert and Sullivan play in February was given to The Mayor.

12 Updates

Coun. Taylor gave an update from the Crown Awards:

£800 – Everton Street Bowling Club for landscaping following the creation of a disabled access.

£1,285 – Friends of Ashton Park for information boards.

£600 – Darwen Arts Group for equipment.

Fit 2 Exel Boxing Club – £2,000 for equipment.

Darwen Cemetery Group – £4,000 for cemetery project.

Coun. Roberts said the Crown Awards scheme is well run.

A meeting of the parks committee was held after the council meeting.

13 Any other business

Coun. Taylor gave details of Remembrance Day events.

Coun. Roberts gave details of the Christmas lights switch on due on November 19th.

Coun. Smith to contact BWD re accessing the town council noticeboard and putting up minutes and agendas.

14 Public forum

A resident asked what action is being taken to clean up the town centre at weekends, particularly after Friday nights. Coun. Smith to investigate.

Coun. Roberts to deal with queries re the Darwen bus retainer and service charges at Cross Barns.

Questions were raised about the website following no publicity re Darwen Heritage Centre events. Coun. Taylor said this should be rectified once a new administrator has been appointed.

Representatives of Football in Gambia outlined their latest project to provide a nursery school and were congratulated on their efforts.

Concern was expressed by a resident over no meeting or financial notifications from The Friends of Sunnyhurst Woods parks group. Couns. Taylor and Smith to investigate.

15 Part two

Two issues were discussed without the press and public present.

15 Date of next meeting.

December 6th, 7 p.m. Darwen Town Hall. Agenda items to be with the clerk by November 28th please. There is no meeting in January.

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