2016 December Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – September 2016

Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – September 2016

Minutes from Darwen Town Council Meeting – September 2016

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Present: Couns. Taylor (Mayor), Entwistle, Davies, Browne, Smith, Slater, Rothwell and Roberts.

1.Welcome and introduction:   .

2.Apologies:  Couns. Hollings, Perkins, East and Brookfield.

3.Declarations of Interest:   None

4 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

These were agreed..

4. 1  Financial task force

Coun. Roberts confirmed a meeting is to be set up in the near future.

4.2  Floral display

Coun. Davies asked if Darwen could follow Blackburn’s lead and have a better floral display in the future and gain advice on what to plant from the council’s gardeners. Coun. Smith said Blackburn’s display cost around £26,000 and was paid for by the local businesses through their partnership and it was on top of their business rates. Coun. Roberts said Darwen was not big enough to be able to do this, but plans are in hand to try and set up a similar partnership scheme on a smaller scale.

5. Mayors update.

Coun. Taylor had attended a bench unveiling in Western Cemetry to mark the Battle of Somme, the food festival, 100th anniversary of Lightbound Cottages, 1940’s day and Darwen Gala.

6. Deputy chairmans update


7. Whitehall Park update

Mr Steve Duncan gave the councillors an update on the park’s supporters group. He said previous problems have now been sorted out and a new committee is about to be set up and a whole host of fund raising activities planned. Volunteers are being sought to ensure the park is open at weekends and group money has been earmarked for projects. Coun. Taylor urged Mr Duncan to ensure the group’s constitution is up to date to enable the group to apply for funding through the council’s parks committee.

8. Public forum criteria

Coun. Roberts has forwarded ideas to Coun. Taylor to consider and these will be brought back to a future meeting.

9. Council meeting room

Coun. Roberts has spoken to the property manager at BWD who has assured him the council chamber is on the list of projects to repair.

10. Barclays Bank closure

Coun. Browne said as the bank was moving out of Darwen, that the council should move its bank account to another bank in the town. Concern was expressed that once moved, another bank could close. It was agreed to re look at the situation at the end of the financial year.

11. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:


R. Hay – £532.41

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution

Roy Brown – £100 – youth festival band.

James Gibson – £18.80 – food festival.

BWD – £810 – bus stop suspension for Grand Prix and food festival.

Cue Music – £200 for food festival.

Bailey Audio Systems – £650 – youth festival.

MDH – £3,853.44 – Darwen Live t shirts.

C. Lily – £125 – youth festival.

C. Unsworth Ltd – £254.40 – food festival equipment.

The Bee – £1,387.22 – Grand Prix, food and dance festivals publicity.

BWD – £293.44 – room rent.

Harry Eastham – £915 – heritage leaflets.


Paid in: £61,000 – precept.

£175 – food festival.

Authorised payments were made to:

R. Hay – £526.28

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution

BDO – £516 – audit.

Bethany Turnball – £50 – 1940’s day.

Elite Leaflets – £300 – 1940’s day.

Uni Stage – £120 – 1940’s day.

Cafod Connect 2 – £150 – 1940’s day.

AE Keys – £175 – hairdressing, 1940s day.

Pegasus WW2 displays – £300 – 1940’s day.

Rick Lee – £100, 1940’s day.

Ignite Parties – £200, 1940’s day.

Rob Falcon – £160 – 1940’s day.

P. Knight – £200 – 1940’s day.

S. Fay – £45 – 1940’s day.

Henry Christopher printing – £509 – 1940’s day.

BWD – £72.72 – staff costs for food festival (this to be queried before being paid).

BWD – £360 – bus stop suspensions for 1940’s day.

Blackburn and Darwen Brass Band – £2,650 – competition prizes.

PRS  £479.76 – Darwen Live.

Slaters Inkshop – £27.36 – cards for brass band competition.

M and M Accessories – £100 – Grand Prix.

R. Harrison – £350 – Grand Prix.

R. Burns – £80 – 1940’s day.

Kays Management – £1,236 – Grand Prix.

BDO reported a successful audit with no queries.

A request for funding of £1,800 was received from Darwen Cricket Club for the town’s bonfire, with proceeds going to the Mayor of Darwen’s charity – Cardic Risk In the Young. This was agreed.

12 Correspondence

A letter re a tree problem in Primrose Street was received. As this is a borough issue, Coun. Slater to deal with as it is in his ward.

13 Updates

Coun. Smith said there would be a parks meeting after the main meeting.

An update on the heritage days had been emailed round by Coun. East.

Coun. Rothwell gave an update on the dance festival and thanked The Mayor for opening the event. She said it had been a huge success in terms of performances and attendance and thanked the council for backing it. The event went slightly over budget.

14 Any other business

Coun. Browne said he had organised for The Mayor’s name to be added to the roll of honour in the town hall.

15 Public forum

Mr Horsefield asked who was responsible for the south side of Earcroft Way and the cutting of the grass. Coun. Smith said it was the Highways Agency and he would forward on the contact details.

Mr Mark Atkinson  gave an update on Football in Gambia and said in January the group are going out to make two play areas. He asked the council for a donation and it was suggested he put his request in writing for consideration at a future meeting.

Mr Atkinson also asked re weedkilling in Beech Avenue and the surrounding areas and criticised the 101 number for contacting the police as people face long delays getting through.

16 Part two

One issue was discussed without the press and public present.

17 Date of next meeting.

October 4th, 7 p.m. Darwen Town Hall. Agenda items to be with the clerk by September 26th please.

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