Council Members

Council Members

The Councillors who represent you are available to take up issues and queries on your behalf. They can be contacted at their home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Many Councillors also hold regular advice surgeries in their wards. For information on your local Councillors’ surgeries or for any other queries about contacting your Councillors, please Contact the Town Clerk


Brian TaylorMayor of Darwen, Labour Party
Sunnyhurst ward

22 Sunnyhurst Lane, Darwen, BB3 1JN

Paul O'GarrDeputy Chairman - Labour Party
Marsh House Ward

6 Burton Close, Darwen, BB3 2UQ

Stephanie BrookfieldLabour Party
Earcroft Ward

3 Haldane Road, Darwen, BB3 0AE

Paul BrowneLiberal Democrat Party
Sudell Ward

100 Greenway Street, Darwen, BB3 1EQ

Roy DaviesLiberal Democrat Party
Sudell Ward

209 Olive Lane, Darwen, BB3 3DJ

John EastLiberal Democrat Party
Whitehall Ward

26 Stanley Drive, Darwen, BB3 2EL

Eileen EntwistleLabour Party
Sudell Ward

6 Almond Street, Darwen, BB3 2SD

Peter HollingsLabour Party
Sunnyhurst Ward

97 Milking Lane, Darwen, BB3 0RB

Lynn PerkinsConservative Party
Earcroft Ward

55 St. Albans Road, Darwen, BB3 0HS

John RobertsLabour Party
Marsh House Ward

1 Bosley Close, Darwen, BB3 3LF

Victoria RothwellLiberal Democrat Party
Whitehall Ward

4 Thompson Street, Darwen, BB3 2HD

Neil SlaterConservative Party
Marsh House Ward

19 Elswick Street, Darwen, BB3 3DX

Dave SmithLabour Party
Sunnyhurst Ward

18B Woodbank Ave, Darwen, BB3 1JJ