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Darwen Town Council Meeting – November

Present: Couns. Maxfield, Evans, Entwistle, Davies, Smith, Taylor, East, Brookfield, Browne, Huggill and Rothwell.


1.Welcome and introduction:  .


2.Apologies: Couns Hollings, Evans and Connor.


3.Declarations of Interest:  None.



4 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising


These were accepted.


4.1 The Friends of Whitehall Park


Coun. East asked if there had been any progress re the legal investigation being carried out by BWD. The clerk said all town council evidence had been passed over to BWD a while ago. It was agreed that the clerk write to BWD and ask for an update.


4.2 Industrial Trail


Coun. Smith showed photographs of the items which need restoring. Volunteers have been found to paint most of the items and Coun. Hollings has passed over the paint. All that needs to be done is the roller at Ashton, the machinery at the Earcroft/Moss Bridge border and Whitehall mural.


4.3 Dance festival


Coun. Rothwell said there is still an invoice to come in from Darwen Vale, so the event should be on or just slightly over budget.


4.4 Jubilee Tower Credit Union


The clerk has opened the account. It was agreed to leave a nominal amount in The Britannia and transfer the remainder to the credit union. Couns. Davies and Entwistle to sort out as they are authorised to sign.


4.5 Gala


Coun. Taylor said an enthusiastic committee has been formed.


4.6 Darwen Tower


Coun. Huggill said he had met with a firm re the lighting up of the tower on behalf of The Friends of Darwen Tower and costs came in at £25,000 for a landline and £7,500 for lighting. There is a farm near to the tower which could be utilised. He said 6kw would be needed and solar panels would not be a good idea as prone to vandalism.

Coun. Maxfield had also spoken to a firm who deal in projects such as lighting up hotels and they had said solar power could be used and the price would be £5-6,000. There was discussion as to whether solar panels would need planning permission and ideas of security/insurance were discussed. It was agreed that Coun. Smith would find out whether planning permission is needed.



5 Mayor’s update


Coun. Maxfield helped cut the ribbon at the opening of The Rankin and is also to attend the town’s bonfire in aid of various charities. Remembrance Day services and events have also been organised and will be attended by The Mayor.


  1. Deputy chairman’s report


None as deputy chairman absent.



  1. Finance



Received: –


£2,000 – BWD – brass band contribution.

£534 – BWD – heritage weekend contribution.q



Authorised payments were made to:


  1. Hay – £435.16 – clerk’s salary and expenses.

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution.

Rotary Club of Darwen – £500 – donation towards Lego tower.

Henry Christopher printers – £212.80 – 1940s day printing.

Henry Christopher printers – £114 – bonfire banner.

Henry Christopher printers – £39 – bonfire banner.

Roy Taylor – £35 – design and artwork for bonfire leaflets.

Roy Taylor – £35 – design and artwork for bonfire banner.

  1. Gent – £270 – Union Jack removal and erection.

St James’s School, Darwen – £150 – dance festival room hire.

BWD – £456.48 – BWD rent for council chamber.

  1. Potter – £20 – leaflets for VJ Day.

Salute – £500, stewarding.


It was agreed to set the budget at December’s meeting. The clerk to ask BWD to work out the figures based on charging the same as last year for each house.


8 Correspondence


A letter outlining changes to the post office at 389 Bolton Road was received.


Also a letter received from BWD re the townscape character studies, which was emailed round.



9 Updates


A request for £476 to provide shrubs and planting at Bold Venture Park was received and agreed, this will be an annual charge, but less next year as the bushes planted will be permanent.


Coun. Maxfield said Mr Brent Stevenson had put up the plaques at the war memorial as promised. Waiting a response from WEC for a flagpole.


Coun.Taylor gave details of the winners of the recent Crown Awards, who will be presented with their awards individually.




10 Any other business



Coun. Maxfield said there were town poppies for sale now in Darwen and Coun Smith has asked for the alloy at the memorial at Bold Venture Park to be cleaned by BWD.



11 Public Forum




  1. Part 2


Discussed in private.


12 Date of next meeting.


December 1st   Agenda items deadline is November 23rd please


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