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Darwen Town Council Meeting Minutes – March 2017







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Present: Couns. Taylor, East, Brookfield, Entwistle, Browne, Smith, Slater, Davies, Perkins and Rothwell.

1.Welcome and introduction:   .

A minute’s silence was observed to mark the sad death of Coun. John Roberts.

2.Apologies:  Coun. O’Garr.

3.Declarations of Interest:   Couns. Smith, and Taylor declared an interest as members of the Darwen Town Centre Partnership Board. Coun. Taylor declared an interest in the public forum.

4 Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

These were agreed..

4. 1. Dog fouling and vandalism

It had been agreed at the last meeting that Coun. O Garr raise the possibility of Coun. Jim Smith of BWD attending the March meeting to discuss concerns re dog fouling and vandalism in the town. Coun. Smith was not in attendance and this was questioned. Coun. Taylor said these issues are borough ones which should be discussed with borough councillors. Coun. Slater said people in the town are confused as to what is a borough or town issue due to items of news included on the town council website. Couns. Browne, Davies, East and Brookfield also said as the issues are of obvious concern to the people of Darwen, they should be discussed at town council level. Coun.  Browne said he would put the items on the agenda again next month.

4.2 Sunnyhurst Woods railings

Coun. Browne said he has looked at the railings after the issue of their siting had been raised in the public foum at last month’s meeting and they are not on the right side. Coun. Smith said the Friends of Sunnyhurst Woods disagreed with this.

5. Mayors update

The Mayor has attended the Darwen Heritage Centre management committee meeting on February 16th.

6. Deputy chairmans update


7. Darwen retail Survey follow up

Coun. East asked when the survey which was presented at the last meeting will be made available to the town council, so the council can look into it in more detail and see what the customers needs are. The clerk to ask Clare Turner of BWD and Coun.Taylor to ask at the next town centre partnership what the next steps are.

8. Spitfire plaque unveiling

This will take place on April 1st at 11 a.m., meeting in the town council chamber at 10-30 a.m. The ceremony will mark the two Darwen spitfire pilots and the 99th anniversary of the formation of the RAF. All Darwen councillors, town and borough are invited, plus Royal British Legion representatives. The clerk to invite Jake Berry MP and Steve Hartley of WEC. Coun. Smith said a booklet would be available too, which has been prepared by relatives of the pilots. A copy to be placed in Darwen Heritage Centre.

9. Darwen Library theatre grant

It was agreed to give a grant of £2,200 towards the afternoon variety shows to enable Darwen people to get a discount.

10. Finance

Authorised payments were made to:

R. Hay – £549.55 salary and expenses.

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution.

BWD – £2,200 – contribution towards Darwen Library Theatre afternoon shows.

Steve Duncan – £691 – Whitehall Park Supporters group – donations towards fencing project.

Samantha Taylor – £300 – marketing for council events.

A request for the annual £10,000 towards the Crown Awards was made. Councillors have committed this money, but will forward it, once the current balance is cleared. Also to have a meeting with Crown to try and promote the scheme more to attract more applicants.

The insurance policy is due for renewal and the events and equipment to be updated.

A letter from debt company ARVATO re a Eon debt at Cross Barn received. This development is sheltered housing and is nothing to do with the town council.

11. Correspondence

A letter was received from Ernest Hall Riding congratulating the council on the brass band competition and asking for toilets available to all and a choice of food outlets. Coun. Taylor said there are several pubs in town where food and toilet facilities for all are available.

A thank you letter received from Cardia Risk In The Young for a donation of £25 given by organisers of the Walk This Way event to The Mayor Of Darwen’s fund.

A letter from Mr D. Pott re possible partnership links with towns in Gambia was received. Coun. Rothwell to liaise and ask for assistance from Football in Gambia  Darwen Heritage Centre and the Rotary Club of Darwen.

12 Updates

Coun. Smith said the two year bi annual funding would be up at the end of the month and he would prepare a financial report for the April meeting.

13 Any other business


14 Public forum

Mr S. Duncan gave an update on the work the supporters of Whitehall Park and a list of future events.

An update on the work of The Friends of Ashton Park was also given.

Concern over dog fouling in the town was raised and discussed, with Coun. Taylor advising residents to contact their borough councillor for help.

Residents said they hoped the hanging baskets would be better this year and Coun. Taylor said a new firm has been employed.

13 Date of next meeting.

April 4th 7 p.m. Darwen Town Hall. Agenda items to be with the clerk by March 27th please.


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