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Darwen Town Council Meeting – June 2016

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Present: Couns. Taylor (Mayor), O’Garr (deputy chairman), Hollings, Entwistle, Davies, Browne, East, Rothwell, Smith, Slater, Perkins and Roberts.

1.Welcome and introduction:   .

2.Apologies:  Coun. Brookfield.

3.Declarations of Interest:   None.

4. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

These were agreed.

4.1 Election costs

Coun. Smith had investigated and said all parish and town councils were to be charged for election costs.

4. 2  Financial task force

Coun. Roberts said a financial task force is to be set up, which will meet a few times a year, any decisions will go to the full council for approval. Agreed representatives are: Couns. Hollings, O’Garr, Roberts, Perkins and East.

5  Insp Khan and Sgt Sherrington

Insp Khan and Sgt Sherrington attended the meeting to bring the council up to date with the latest policing matters. Insp Khan said the police had been protected from cuts to a certain extent in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement, which could have seen Lancashire lose nearly half its police if cuts had continued. He said police funding formula had also stopped, but would be reviewed.

Insp Khan and Sgt Sherrington discussed the success of Darwen Live and the way the public houses work together at night-times and their efforts to stop under age drinking.

Youths in parks, motorists causing traffic offences, the troubled families scheme and using streets as rat runs, police staffing and 101 issues were also discussed along with possible solutions and long term action.

6. Mayors update.

Coun. Taylor had attended the Fusion Awards and the opening of Darwen Live. He extended an open invitation to councillors to the unveiling of a marble bench by the Townswomen’s Guild on July 7th at 2 p.m. in the cemetery. Also events to mark the Queen’s Birthday were discussed.

7. Deputy chairmans update

“DTC website is now being updated and managed by myself, but still needs further improvement, so I would ask that if anyone would like to see additional features or functionality of the site, to please let me know.

Coun. Rothwell and myself met with Wayne Rafferty from The Bee (now 2BR), to discuss the costs of the Darwen Dance Live festival and had the cost for radio advertising reduced by almost 50% of the original quote. We need to investigate whether there is funding available from other sources for events such as this, so that we can reduce the impact on the Town Council resources. I am already in discussions with people to help advise us with these applications.

This year’s Darwen Live was an enormous success, and the best attended in both the main arena and the venues that we have ever seen. Feedback has been very good from the public, but the downside of having so many people in the town, lead to a substantial amount of litter left on the streets on the Sunday night/Monday morning. The main arena was cleaned at the end of each day, but the area around the town centre was needed a good clean up. We planned to have the Environmental Services teams to attend on Sunday morning to do this, which they completed by around 11:30am, but some comments were made about the state of the town centre earlier in the morning, which is understandable and we need to try and reduce this next year. I would like to thank, Coun.. Roy Davies and the team that came down to help on Monday morning, by clearing litter from the Railway Road and surrounding area.

I attended the Crown Awards meeting with Coun. Entwistle and Coun.. Davies during the May, and we reviewed the following applications :-


  • • St Cuthbert’s School – £100 awarded for Eco project
  • • Darwen Townswomen’s Guild – £200 reference memorial bench in Darwen Western Cemetery
  • • Summer Fun 4 All – £207 for swimming gala


  • • Darwen Tennis Club – £2,000 for new furniture – Pending grant approval
  • • Tockholes Village Hall – £2,000 for new furniture – Declined
  • • Kittens Pre-School – £2,000 for waterproof clothing – Declined

Crown has also sent an Invoice for this year’s contribution of £10,000 to the fund.’’ This was agreed.

Coun. Smith said there had been problems with rubbish also in the railway station, the academy and at Holker House at Darwen Live. Coun. O’Garr said all these matters would be looked at by the Darwen Live committee along with other areas to improve the event and come up with cost saving ideas.

8. Darwen Three Day Market Building

Coun. Slater proposed that the town council take over the running of the market, leasing it from the borough for £1 a year for 50 years and asked the town council to oppose any plan to demolish it until there is a properly funded, costed and agreed proposal what to replace it with.

Coun. Taylor said as the matter had been discussed and voted on in April, no further motions could be made for six months. Coun. Slater said this was not in the constitution of the town council, but Coun. Taylor said it was.

Coun. Roberts said the matter will be discussed by the executive board of the borough council on Thursday and that is where further discussion should be made.

9. Finance

£1,000 – Walter Chadwick Catering for Darwen Live.

£3,788.28 – Darwen Live revenue.

Authorised payments were made to:

R. Hay – £533.49

LCC pension scheme – £24.72 – clerk’s pension contribution

James Gibson – £30.50 – Darwen Live

BWD – £360 for bus stop suspension for Darwen Live.

Cue Music – £1,800 – Darwen Live.

The Bee – £444 – St George’s Day.

Bright Lites – £1,872 – Darwen Live.

Slaters Inkshop – £225 – St George’s Day.

EMC Productions – £5,220 – Darwen Live.

Solid Entertainments – £1,698 – Darwen Live.

WEC – £2,790 – picnic benches for Ashton Park.

J. Shaw Amusements – £360 – St George’s Day.

Lancashire Hawks and Owls – £120 – St George’s Day.

Henry Christopher Printers – £151 – Queen’s birthday posters.

Bailey Audio Systems – £150 – Darwen Youth Club festival.

G. Gent – £712.50 – flags for St George’s Day.

Portable Toilets – £2,274 – Darwen Live.

Crown Paints – £10,000 – community award contribution.

Coun. Browne asked who sanctioned the flag costs. Coun. Hollings said it had been agreed previously after the work was put out to tender. It was agreed that the financial task force group re look at tendering. Coun. East said more flags were needed and it was agreed this would also be looked at by the financial task force.

Confirmation that the bank mandate re the signatures has been changed was received from Barclays.

8 Correspondence

A letter from Darwen Brass Band was received confirming that the St George’s Day event had been one of the three free events promised following the council’s annual donation. Coun O’Garr to become the point of contact for the band to organise the other two free events.

9 Updates

Coun. Smith said the new parks committee would consist of Couns. Smith, Browne, Perkins and Entwistle.

Coun. Smith gave an update on the industrial heritage trail work and showed pictures of the finished work. Coun. Browne asked that the proper Darwen coat of arms is put on, even if slightly more expensive. This was agreed.

Coun. Hollings said there would be an emergency services day on July 16th, on the same day as the youth festival and youngsters plan to raise money for a defibrillator in memory of their friend who died.

Coun. Roberts said BWD is to look at the council chamber to see if repair work can be carried out.

10 Any other business


11 Public forum

The three day market closure was raised and Coun. Taylor said this was a borough issue which would be discussed at Thursday’s BWD Executive Board committee.

Concern was expressed over Whitehall Park. The council agreed to write to BWD asking for the investigation into the parks group to be resolved asap.

12 Part two

One issue was discussed without the press and public present.

13 Date of next meeting.

July 5th, 7 p.m. in Darwen Town Hall. Agenda items to be with the clerk by June 30th.


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